TESS AND CARLOS FEATURED! “Boutique of the Week” on The Fashion Spot!

We could not be more thrilled or honored to be featured as www.thefashionspot.com's “Boutique of the Week!” Check out the full interview with Tess on their site, but here are some teasers:

Typical customer: Is a busy woman, whether a full-time mother or a working professional, who just doesn’t have a ton of time to shop. Our customer knows what she wants, knows we carry it, and comes in for what she loves. She’s classy, serious about her style, and trusts us to provide her with lasting, beautiful clothes.

Store aesthetic: Polished and sleek. The décor is minimal with pops of color.

Inspiration for opening the boutique: I opened the boutique because I wanted to work for myself, to be independent. I’d been in retail for thirteen years before I realized that it was my calling to open my own store. I’ve never looked back!

There’s much more (including what our staff talks about at work!) so be sure to read the full write-up. Thanks to The Fashion Spot and Chrissy Makkas for featuring us! We’re honored and thrilled :)

TESS AND CARLOS STYLE: A Fall Sweater from Hache

Well, Labor Day is sadly over, and it’s a gray day here in Boston. So with fall quickly creeping in (though this somewhat steamy weather would beg to differ), let us show you more beautiful cool-weather cover-ups. This time, instead of lovely coats from Joshi, we’ve got delicious sweaters from Hache to roll out over the next few days.

Tess and Carlos is the premiere destination for Hache in the Boston and Pittsford, NY areas. The brand, which we’ve lauded many times on this lovely blog of ours, makes beautiful clothes with an eye for details and edgy cuts. Their sweaters are no exception, and this one exemplifies the best of the line’s commitment to beautiful fabrics and exciting design.


The colors of this sweater are one of the reasons we love it so much. The subtle stripe of light purple against the navy lends a lovely contrast to the cream of the top. But our favorite part is the beautiful cotton knit that hosts the pattern. It makes the whole sweater so inviting and cozy, and makes us wish fall would hurry up and arrive, already!

INSPIRATION: Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Well, it’s that time of the week again. FRIDAY! And Labor Day Weekend, to boot! So, for your weekend inspiration, we’ve culled a group of photos from around the web of places we’d love to visit over this long weekend we could. They’re a little far-flung, yes, but if you can’t dream, what can you do? And all of these places would be great for wearing white pants as a last summer hurrah. Though we totally think white pants in winter are awesome.

Enjoy the weekend!

TESS AND CARLOS STYLE: Joshi Coats, Part 2

With fall just around the corner, it’s about time to start thinking about warmer layers, no? We certainly think it is, so yesterday we posted about the new Joshi coats we got in. However, we teased you by only putting up photos of one of the three. And because it would be rude to keep you in suspense any longer, dear readers, here are photos of the other two!

They have the same delicate stitching, beautiful patterns, and stunning details as the first. And, just like the first, both of these are reversible!

Coat 2:

Coat 3:

Which of the three do you like best? Tweet to us and let us know (@Tess_And_Carlos) or head over to our Facebook page and tell us there (http://www.facebook.com/shoptessandcarlos).

TESS AND CARLOS STYLE: Gear Up for Fall with Joshi, Part 1

It felt like fall this morning. Crisp, slightly chilly, and dry. While it’s going to get hot again for Labor Day weekend (which is only appropriate as a send-off for summer), it’s nice to know that we’ve got cooler weather heading our way. Especially because here at Tess & Carlos, we LOVE layering for fall; it’s so much fun to put together outfits without worrying about being too hot!

And one of the pieces we’re most excited to put to work (and that Tess totally loves) is the beautiful coat collection we just got in from Joshi. They are quilted cotton with the most delightful prints. But the best part? They. Are. Reversible. Yes, you get two coats in one!


The details are amazing, from the delicate stitching to the wooden buttons that close with loops.

We’re also huge fans of the fraying at the collar and hem. And speaking of collars, this one pops up to keep your neck nice and warm once the weather really cools down.

And here’s the coat reversed! Isn’t it beautiful? And so different from it’s other side that it really does look like a different coat.

Oh, and there are pockets. Could it get any better? We might be biased, but we don’t think so. Stay tuned for the other two versions we’ve got to show you this week. You’ll love them, we promise ;)

TESS AND CARLOS STYLE: Ann Romney in Samantha Sung

Ann and Mitt Romney were featured on the cover of Parade Magazine this past Sunday, and guess what Ann is wearing? Okay, we’ll tell you: a stunning Samantha Sung dress from our store! The belt is a T&C special, too. She looks pretty great, don’t you think?

Ann has been a loyal customer of Tess’ for fifteen years, and Tess has loved helping her pick out clothes that are timeless and classic. As the campaign heats up it’s been fun to see how Ann has put together looks using pieces from T&C; all of us got so excited when we saw this cover of Parade! We can’t wait to see what other pieces of ours Ann wears as the race gets even more frenetic. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Here’s the dress in our Cambridge store:

We carry Samantha Sung in Concord as well, and we also just got in many beautiful new Samantha Sung pencil skirts. So there’s some Sung for everyone ;)

TESS AND CARLOS STYLE: A Last Hurrah for Summer

Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like it isn’t. Which is why we think this lightweight, beautiful top from Hache would be perfect as a last August hurrah (as the title of this post suggests). The beauty of this shirt is in the details: the woven edging, the delicate pleats, and the way the shirt hangs on the body.

We love the trim of the shirt—it adds texture and dimension in a really lovely, subtle way.

And that square sleeve—it’s almost too good to be true! It’s a fresh take on a classic piece. Talk about layering; this shirt will go with anything. While it seems like a summer staple, it’s actually perfect for wearing underneath a blazer for work, or with a pair of jeans, chunky jewels, and heels or boots for a night out with friends in the fall.

Tess & Carlos is proud to be the foremost carrier of Hache in the Boston and upstate New York areas. We love the line, and we’re always getting new pieces in. Stay tuned for some beautiful Hache sweaters that just came in for fall. We can’t wait to show them to you!

INSPIRATION: A Late Summer Weekend

Well, dear ones, it seems to be the last summer weekend before Labor Day. So for your weekend inspiration we thought we’d treat you to some beautiful images we found on Pinterest that remind us of late August. Nothing like lowering sunlight, beautiful flowers, luscious tomatoes, and sunhats to get you in the mood to relax. And we all deserve relaxation. Especially at the end of summer! Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to check out the recipe at the end of this post ;)

A late summer crostata recipe via The Sleepytime Gal. Check it out, it looks delicious…

TESS AND CARLOS STYLE: Samantha Sung Skirt of the Day!

You guys. Big news. Huge news. THRILLING news. We just got in the most amazing and largest collection of Samantha Sung skirts in the Boston (and Rochester!) area. And we’re going to roll out a different one on the blog for the next week or so just to tease with you the stunning patterns in as delightful a progression as we possibly can.

Because these skirts are just perfect: wear them to work with a blazer, wear them out with friends with a dressy top, wear them to a day event with a t-shirt. They are versatile, the prints are gorgeous, the cut flattering no matter your body type, and the material luscious and sturdy. You can wear them in any season, for any occasion. What’s not to love?

Here, the first of the Samantha Sung “Skirt Of The Day” series!

Is this not the most beautiful print you’ve ever seen? We’re just crazy about the painted flowers in that delightful purple. We carry these in our Cambridge and Concord and Rochester stores. Come try one on; you won’t be disappointed!

TESS AND CARLOS STYLE: Another Stunner from Lillith

Yesterday we blogged about a lovely new Lillith dress that came into our stores. It was about as close to perfect as a dress can get, right? Well, yes, but so is this one from the same amazing French label. Lillith does feminine brilliantly, without being too sweet or frilly. The beauty of this dress, aside from the stunning print, is in the details: the scoop neck, the tulle overlay, the pin-tucks, and the delicate edging around the hem.

Isn’t the tulle a brilliant touch, especially in contrast with the silk? It adds texture and body to the dress while still maintaining the streamlined cut.

And the print…my goodness. We love the artistry of it—it looks like brushstrokes. This dress is also a perfect transition piece from summer to fall; you can wear it on its own or layer it with a blazer, a sweater, tights, boots, heels…it really goes with everything!